The Dulcolax Constipation Relief Campaign Relieves Stoppered Food

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: grey & ibelieveinadv
The Dulcolax Constipation Relief campaign likens hard to digest foods as a clump of rope. It goes into the stomach pretty smoothly, but once there it winds up into a ball that refuses to budge. Instead of trying to dislodge the entire thing at once, this laxative works gently to unravel it slowly but surely.

Conceived and executed by the REP/GREY Worldwide ad agency branch based in Colombia, the Dulcolax Constipation Relief campaign was art directed by Camilo Monzón with creative direction by Diego Castellanos and Juan Carlos Fandiño. Centered around two forms of meat, a pig and a chicken, the images show that it is specific foods that get people into this constipated predicament. Thankfully, Dulcolax can loosen anything up, including heavy meats like these.