PriestmanGoode Proposes an Autonomous System Called Dragonfly

 - Mar 25, 2018
References: dezeen
Industrial design studio PriestmanGoode unveils plans for a city-wide drone delivery system that highlights the positive impact of autonomous technology on urban development. The bold concept is to be featured on Dezeen's forthcoming documentary film, titled 'ELEVATION.'

The drone delivery system is envisioned to charge through autonomous barges, which would also act as distribution hubs. The smart device will execute a delivery of a package by "docking on landing pads, placed on the roofs [or] sides of buildings."

PriestmanGoode aims to boast drone delivery system as a primary method of mail services, as the gadgets are efficient and precise. The proposed design seeks to elevate the fears of the public of "drones flying over their heads every day." In addition, the non-threatening tech gadgets are meant to better the air quality in rapidly expanding cities and free-up "already congested roads."