This Store Allows Customers to Purchase Items Without Leaving Their Car

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: 502bourbon & courier-journal
'Bourbon & Belles' is a drive-thru liquor store that makes it easier than ever for consumers to purchase items on the go. Although drive-thru windows have been a fast food fixture for decades, the service has changed little since its inception. This store offers a unique take on the idea of drive-thru service by adding a whole new level of convenience.

Bourbon & Belles is a drive-thru liquor store in Louisville, Kentucky. However, this store requires customers to drive directly into the building instead of pulling up to a window. Customers can choose to pre-order alcohol and other pantry items and then pull into the store to pick up their order. For those who have not ordered in advance, items can also be purchased on-site. The idea behind the service is to make it easier for customers to pick up basic items without ever leaving their car.

While it may sound unusual, the drive-in service is ideal for busy consumers who may not have the time to spend all day running errands.