The Büro FÜR Mehr Drive Through Airport System is Convenient

 - Jun 29, 2012
References: m-e-h-r & gizmag
The Drive Through Airport eliminates one of the most obnoxious parts of taking to the skies -- navigating through a large airport in a maze-like series of tunnels and moving sidewalks before finally making it to the gate for boarding.

Rather than having the passengers find their way to their plane, this system, envisioned by Büro FÜR Mehr, has planes coming to the flyers.

The airport would function similar to a carwash where airplanes travel down a singular pathway divided into three sections to accommodate planes that are arriving, servicing and departing.

This system cuts down on the time between entering the airport and boarding as well as worrying about baggage getting to the right airplane. The idea is also planet-friendly as it helps to cut down on the amount of fuel used by aircraft traditionally forced to circle around the tarmac before taking off.