Dress Up in Fiasco Homme May 2011 Features Creative Clothing Creations

Dress Up in Fiasco Homme May 2011 features an array of what appear to be improvised haute couture outfits. I'm calling them "improvised" because the clothing credits that appear in each image indicate that pieces have been mixed and matched in unconventional forms: jeans become face masks, sweaters become impromptu turbans and leggings become chest armor.

Stylist Kay Korsh and styling assistant Sandra Sulciute embraced an unbridled level of creativity when orchestrating the looks for Dress Up in Fiasco Homme. The duo channeled the feeling of kids playing dress-up for photographer Diego Indraccolo; model Elliot Joseph Rentz wore each outfit convincingly.

I'm especially a fan of the first image in the Fiasco Homme May 2011 editorial. Zadig & Voltaire jeans turn into avant-garde shoulder pieces, while a Burberry sweater becomes an arm piece.