The Dress to Kill 'Wild at Heart' Photoshoot Stars Kim Cloutier

The Dress to Kill 'Wild at Heart' editorial embraces a dark and exotic circus theme. Although going to such an event is often full of bright lights, vibrant colors and big smiles--all of which are done in light of their biggest demographic, children--this one is clearly geared towards adults. First of all, model Kim Cloutier isn't the average ringmaster. Edgy and sexy, her presence is commanding for entirely different reasons.

Lensed by photographer Chris Nicholls with retouching and color work by Lorca Moore, the Dress to Kill 'Wild at Heart' editorial is appropriately part of the magazine's Exotic Summer Issue. Co-starring alongside zebras, tigers and snakes, the brunette beauty was outfitted in boldly glamorous fashion by stylist Cary Tauben. The looks were perfected with lush curls and full makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi.