The Dress to Kill 'The New Romantics' Editorial is Elegantly Dark

Glamor has a dark edge in the Dress to Kill 'The New Romantics' editorial. Going for a look that straddles the line between Gothic and glamorous, it is almost as though the models were told to channel their inner Morticia Addams. Truly dressed to kill, their pale skin, dark eyes and long lustrous hair, courtesy of beauty artist Nicolas Blanchet, give them an otherworldly charm that will bewitch anyone who lays eyes on them.

Shot by photographer Shayne Laverdière, the Dress to Kill 'The New Romantics' editorial stars models Ran and Maya. They were outfitted by stylist Isabelle Soucy in black lace, elegant fur, shimmering dresses and dark accessories for the photoshoot. Nicolas Blanchet also creative directed the editorial, choosing to work with a rich studio backdrop.