Dreaming of Autumn Photographer Bryan Durushia Re-Invents Reality

Talented photographer Bryan Durushia, captivates with his faceless surreal portraits of men and women.

His pictures are particularly captivating because he omits the one part of the human's physique that enables you to understand and see who a person is. The photographer mixes whimsy with reality as there are surreal features in his pictures, which deviate away from actuality. His subjects are seen mostly in nature as they are roaming through the forest and amidst open fields. The heads are covered in various and creepy ways including a blurred face or using a pumpkin instead of a head. The mix of eeriness converged with whimsical innocence provides a portrait series, which has an air of mystery. Though it does provide an expansive imagination to think up such imagery, it is surprising to learn that the photographer behind Dreaming of Autumn is only 18 year's old!