The Hotels by Bo Christian Larsson Offer Mini Accommodations

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: bochristianlarsson & neatorama
Vintage luggage may look nice, but they are hardly practical to use due to their bulkiness and weight; Hotels by Bo Christian Larsson shows one way in which they can still be appreciated. Artistically tweaked by the Swedish artist, who lives and works between Munich and Berlin, they have been converted into mini accommodations. Essentially turned into a set of sophisticated dollhouses, the suitcases nevertheless hold onto an essence of the perpetual traveller.

Hotels by Bo Christian Larsson is just a small part of his impressive object portfolio. He has gained notoriety through his use of everyday objects, which have been given a surreal spin. By using such found objects as vintage luggages, he gives them a new history that stands the test of time.