The Dream On Infographic Talks About Why Sleep is So Important

 - Feb 25, 2012
References: frugaldad & frugaldad's Dream On infographic is a realistic analysis of sleep and why it is so important for not only one's health, but also one's productivity and safety. There is a common misconception that sleep isn't everything, but this helpful guide sets the record straight.

According to the infographic, 24 hours without sleep puts someone on the same level as a person with 0.10% blood alcohol concentration, and the pattern of a five-hour or less of sleep each night leaves a person in a "sleep drunk" state. There are also several grim tragedies that are a product of sleep-deprived workers, such as the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, which is a pretty good argument in my opinion.

The Dream On infographic breaks down the scientific process of sleep, what exactly REM means, dreams, and how you can go about making sleep your number one priority.