The Fiery Pierre Dal Corso 'Burning Haute' Shoot for Unfair Magazine

 - Nov 7, 2010
References: unfairmag & fashionising
Pierre Dal Corso has given drama a whole new meaning in his latest 'Burning Haute' photoshoot for Unfair Magazine.

The styling is impeccable, emphasizing fragile femininity and architectural lines. The emotion nearly bleeds through the image through well-composed and tamed faces, while the statuesque bodies show restraint. The colors are absolutely stunning; the variance of the palette is beyond imaginable, from fiery golds to warm but determined burgundies and poisonous greens.XX.

Implications - XX.

With this kind of spectacular color display integrating itself into each of the shots from this fiery Pierre Dal Corso 'Burning Haute' Shoot, there is no telling how eye-catching it really is. I mean, a simple look through any of these shots is enough to capture anyones attention and having them yearning for more!