Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner Removes Bacteria and Soft Plaque

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: drtungs
Dr. Tung's stainless steel tongue cleaner is a simple mechanical device that is impressively effective. Tongue cleaning isn't the most common form of oral care, but research suggests that it's among the best ways to remove bacteria from one's mouth -- especially the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Though many toothbrushes on the market today come with tongue scrapers on the back end, brushes are designed primary to clean teeth rather than tongues. This means that those built-in scrapers tend to be uncomfortable, often leading to gagging. Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner is designed solely for tongue scraping, making it a far more comfortable experience.

Dr. Tung's cleaner is made from a smooth, curved stainless steel cleaning edge. To use it, one just inserts it as far back on the tongue as is comfortable by holding the plastic grips and pulls the cleaning edge forward.