From Smart Home Interfaces to Solar-powered Watering Robots

 - Jun 7, 2016
Smart home gadgets are slowly but surely taking over people's daily lives, with everything from bathrooms mirrors to umbrellas being connected to networks and performing multiple useful functions.

Most notably are smart home devices that look like one thing but act as another -- just like the smart home interface concept titled 'Project Memendo.' The device looks and acts like a bowl that the owner throws items into upon returning home, however those random objects are previously assigned to perform various functions. The smart home gadget aims to interact more personally with the homeowner and can perform functions such as turning on air-conditioning when the owner tosses keys into it.

Another useful item is the solar-powered watering system that saves water by detecting its surroundings and determining how much is needed based on its calculations. Smart home gadgets such as this one do not just function to make people's lives easier, but to make them more cost efficient and environmentally friendly as well.