The 'eCozy' Smart Heating Solution Ensures Optimal Efficiency

 - May 18, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Users can try as they might to reduce energy costs on their own but they can only go so far on their own, so the 'eCozy' smart heating solution is designed to offer a helping hand.

Working with heaters and water radiators, the 'eCozy' works by being installed and providing a series of analytics-based functions.

The system consists of the thermostats, the smartphone app and the central unit to provide a comprehensive approach to home heating. The 'eCozy' smart heating solution will go to work instantly to help save up to 30% in heating costs by following to time-of-use rates, learning users' schedules and much more.

The 'eCozy' system, although easy to use once installed, is also focused on being simple to setup.