This Bowl-Shaped Interface Concept Can Have Functions Assigned to It

 - May 26, 2016
References: gaborbalint & fastcodesign
Project Memodo is a smart home interface concept that is a more personal version of most home control devices.

The shape and concept of the Memodo is centered around the idea that when people get home from work, they toss their keys into a designated bowl. The Memodo takes this idea and runs with it, using "totems" such as keys to represent functions. For example, the bowl can be set up to recognize keys when they are tossed into it and turn on air conditioning or music based on the homeowner's preferences. The interior of the bowl is made up of low-res computer cameras and the totems that are assigned functions can be anything -- from keys to coins to toys.

This interesting concept allows for smart home interfaces to interact with the homeowner on a more personal level, as it is commanded by day-to-day actions rather than controlled by voice.