The Double Life Concept Lights Up the Street Using Renewable Energy

 - Nov 20, 2010   Updated: Aug 22 2011
Designer Woojin Kim's Double Life concept street light is designed to light up the streets by using renewable energy. The proposed street lights are wind-powered and double as a bench to be used by the public.

The street light features onboard solar-powered sensors, enabling the screw pillar to lower down the bench during the day. In the night, the srew pillar moves up the bench safely without causing any harm to the bench users.

Implications - Sustainability is not simply about preserving the biosphere, it's also about obsolescence. The more frequently a customer has to replace his or her belongings, the less likely that customer will return to a company. Businesses that produce long-lasting, irreplaceable goods will garner the devotion of cost-minded consumers and maintain relationships with loyal customers.