This Book is Full of Random Objects Like a Doily to Spark Creative Ideas

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: adam-turnbull & fastcocreate
Adam Turnbull is an artist and designer and, like many artists, finds that creative ideas come to him sporadically -- necessitating the existence of doodle books. He found that he often would scribble down ideas on a matchbox, letterhead or hotel cheque --sometimes the content or medium of that object influencing the idea itself.

'Noted' includes all these types of inspirational objects and parchments to hopefully spark ideas in people. From bingo cards to doilies, the purpose of Turnbull's doodle books are to eliminate "the fear of the blank page" that so many artists and authors feel.

Noted originated as a simple place for him to keep all of these ideas that he'd scribbled down. This collection of found items then sparked the very idea to create a book to sell for others. With this book, he inspires creative people to "scribble now and think later."