From Inspirational Typographic Apps to Idea-Generating Flashcards

 - Jun 16, 2016
These days, there are a number of creativity-boosting tools to help employees overcome everything from writers block to a lack of design inspiration. From high-tech services to low-tech products, there are inspiring options for nearly every type of workplace.

For employers looking to use technology to boost creative thinking, apps are the perfect solution. For instance, Adonit's Forge design app provides a digital platform for different employees to collaborate on the same project in real time. There are also more personalized apps that help professionals make decisions about variables such as typography and color scheme.

On the other hand, there are a number of low-tech solutions that can be just as useful for brainstorming sessions. More specifically, flashcards have become a popular creativity-boosting tool among professionals. Flashcards are ideal because they can be used to communicate design concepts, generate ideas or simply visualize different details.