Toronto's #DonateTech Drive Looks to Give Away Old Devices

 - Dec 28, 2017
As the tech industry fuels a breakneck one-year product cycle, a side effect is that people end up throwing away their old, otherwise functional devices more and more often, so the #DonateTech Drive was design to help curb some of that e-waste. The Toronto-based tech drive asked people around the city to come in to various locations throughout December and donate their old, unused devices to those who can't afford the price associated with being connected.

Canadians throw away up to 14 million tonnes of tech each year, and that number will only rise as new devices proliferate. Tech not only serves as a fun accessory, but it allows us to connect to our loved ones and access services increasingly sequestered in the online world. Considering that necessity, the degree of tech waste in Canada is daunting, and its a problem that the #DonateTech Drive was looking to solve.