Artist Michael Zajkov's Toy Creations are Frighteningly Realistic

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: instagram & demilked
Russian artist Michael Zajkov is a toy maker who creates hyper-realistic doll faces that will shock viewers. The incredibly lifelike creations are brought to life with realistic skin textures and intricate details like wrinkles, freckles and even expressions that are surprisingly emotive.

Additionally, the artist also pays close attention to the eyes of his dolls, creating realistic elements that most toys lack. These hyperrealistic doll faces may frighten most but are an intriguing collector's item for porcelain doll buffs or toy enthusiasts.

Showcased at Moscow's 'Art Dolls' exhibition, these dolls are even dressed in Victorian garb, making them even more frightening and eccentric. Though bizarre, these incredibly detailed dolls illustrate Michael Zajkov's incredible artistic talent and attention to detail. The handmade toys also illustrate artisans' return to traditional design practices that promote authentic rather than tech-assisted craftsmanship.