'Dogshare' Connects Nearby Owners for Canine Play Dates

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: dogshare.au & producthunt
Dogs are pretty darn great, but not everyone who wants to own them has the time to care for them; with Dogshare, more people can get dogs into their lives. The app brings the principles of the sharing economy to dog ownership, letting owners connect to a nearby network of dogs to make canine play dates or offload their pups for a while.

On Dogshare, users develop networks of friends that they can chat with to make plans. Whether those plans are simply meeting up to let their dogs play with one another or something slightly longer, like having another owner take care of one's dog during a weekend away, Dogshare aims to be a network for spreading owners' responsibilities across a caring community.

Dogshare isn't solely for dog owners either. Users can sign up as borrowers if they want to watch others' dogs now and then.