Clearly Loved Pets' Modern Lucidium Dog Pens are Stylish Enclosures

 - Oct 30, 2018
References: clearlylovedpets & dog-milk
Dog pens are first and foremost designed to keep pets contained, which means that there are many products that prioritize utility and forego style.

Clearly Loved Pets helps pet owners with a sense of style embrace good design with its Lucidium Dog Pens, which take the form of minimalist, clear-walled enclosures. The acrylic-walled enclosures have been purposefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, create the sense of a "cage-free" system.

The Lucidium Dog Pens are offered in small, medium and large sizes to suit different breeds. As these modern dog pens have been mindfully designed for pet owners who appreciate pet products that can complement an interior environment, consumers can choose from designs with framing bars and connecting joints in a range of colors.