The Dock + Go Concept Helps Electric Autos Keep Going

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: gizmag & designbuzz
Rinspeed is attempting to extend the range and cargo carrying capabilities of electric vehicles with the new Dock + Go concept. Dock + Go is a conceptual add-on for electric cars that would give them both more storage space and range.

The device would be designed to look like the vehicle’s rear-end—an electric Smart ForTwo in this case—and would also be detachable. A removable range extender is a brilliant idea that should be seriously considered. One of the biggest complaints against electric cars is that they can’t go very far. A subtle range-extender like the Dock + Go might help convince more people to make the switch to green vehicles. Rinspeed is planning on debuting the Dock + Go concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.