The Samsung D'Light Experience is a Multi-Level Immersive Retail Shop

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: venturebeat & venturebeat
Samsung reopened its D’light experience store in Seoul earlier this month in an attempt to bring futuristic tech devices into the hands of consumers through interactive displays.

The multi-level's first floor acts as a showroom for Samsung's current products and services. This level features displays that consumers can interact with and test out. The second floor features futuristic prospective products and unreleased devices, allowing guests to experience next generation technologies. The entire shop focuses on various industries that include healthcare, shopping and education. This level titled the 'Home of the Future' resembles an average apartment laced with tablets throughout each room, which when maneuvered around provides viewers with a 360-degree view of the same home being utilized by a family.

This retailer allows consumers to see what Samsung already offers and follows it up with what's next from the brand -- executed through hands-on shopping experiences. Consumers are more likely to remain with the brand based on Samsung's openness and transparency and will appreciate the company's experiential marketing tactics.