This DIY Airplane Teaches Kids About Solar-Powered Flight

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: kickstarter & engadget
The Volta Flyer is an innovative solar-powered DIY toy airplane that is designed specifically to teach kids about the wonders of solar-powered flight.

This airplane can be assembled in 20 minutes without need for any special tools or expertise. It is fitted with a solar panel that charges it built-in capacitors using direct sunlight. The plane can be hand-launched into the air, with its flight trajectory determined by how its stabilizers are set. The contraption is crafted from a special combination of balsa wood and Depron foam.

Ultimately, this DIY toy airplane is fun for kids to use but also stimulates their minds into thinking about solar-powered flight. This could go a long way towards encouraging the next generation of scientists and thinkers into coming up with advanced solar-powered flight solutions.