The DIY Spectrometry Kit Lets You Analyze Questionable Substances Immediately

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: kickstarter
Kickstarter program creater Jeffrey Yoo Warren from Somerville, Massachusetts has developed a fabulously cheap way to examine chemicals and specimens at home with the DIY Spectrometry Kit.

If you're a paranoid freak like me and are worried that someone is out to poison you -- well, maybe not that dramatic -- or that something at home may be contaminated or are just curious and have too much time on your hands, this DIY Spectrometry Kit is an affordable way to satisfy that active brain.

The most difficult part of this DIY project is not building the spectrometer but building up its index with a necessary library of samples and results. With the ability to "help to investigate chemical spills, diagnose crop diseases, identify contaminants in household products" and even analyze day-to-day items, this is definitely a must-have for families with curious minds and emerging baby scientists.