Style Scrapbook Teaches You How to a Make a DIY Ombre Skirt

 - Oct 5, 2012
References: stylescrapbook
The at-home aspect of creating fashionable goods has exploded on the Internet; case in point, Style Scrapbook's DIY ombre skirt. Any skirt you desire can be used for this tutorial. Andy from Style Scrapbook used a skirt she bought on sale from Zara.

You will need a skirt, fabric dye, salt and gloves. Start by wetting the skirt so the dye can full absorb into the material. Bring a pot of water to full boiling point and add 5 tablespoons of salt; add dye and stir. Dip the skirt into the pot to the point of your choice according to how you want the gradient to look. After 5 minutes, remove from pot and rinse until water runs clear. Lay flat to dry and you have a beautiful DIY ombre skirt.