This Disneyland Photography Series is Ethereally Eerie

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: thomasstruth32 & featureshoot
Turning the "Happiest Place on Earth" into a somewhat cold and dismal place, Düsseldorf-based photographer Thomas Struth shows us a different side of Disneyland -- and all he had to change was the lighting.

"I want to reconsider how the process of imagination and fantasy works in general, how something which has built up in someone’s mind has materialized and become reality," says Struth.

Capturing Disneyland in such a surreal way, the photography series portrays this fantasy-filled world in a slightly eerie and ethereal way. The unusually empty space gives it a sterile look, showing us that fantasy is man-made.

"My focus was particularly drawn to the ambiguity between what Walt Disney had remembered from his trips to Europe and how it was later rebuilt as a kind of latent reality in California," says Struth.