The Discus Pen Integrates a Disk to Conceal and Expose its Tip

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: joonghochoi & yankodesign
The Discus Pen is certainly not a groundbreaking concept since many writing utensils incorporate mechanisms for protecting their fragile ink-releasing ends. Like many of these, this Morris Pen product is retractable, integrating a long slit and a slider for pushing the tip in and out according to need.

What makes Joongho Choi's design special is its sleek metal body, its slick shape and the ringed disc that serves as the slidable button. Despite the clean and quite contemporary look of the writing implement, this feature of the Discus Pen was inspired by the ancient Greek object that was thrown for sport. More than serving simply as a switch, this circular element doubles as a grip for one's fingertips while using the streamlined scribbler.