DiscoRobo Busts a Move at CES 2014

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: tosy & readwrite
One of the most affordable and most awesome robots (a winning combination) at CES 2014 was the DiscoRobo, a robot that detects nearby music and dances to it.

DiscoRobo uses "the latest beat detection technology" to perform an astonishing 56 different dance moves complete with eight facial features. And if more than one DiscoRobo is present, each can even communicate and dance with each other. DiscoRobo is available in four bold colors: red, blue, pink and purple. The cute little guys also come equipped with a mobile app that allows you to chat with the dancing robot, as well as choreograph its moves.

There is even a head spinner accessory just in case DiscoRobo needs to bust out some old-school moves. Don't be too embarrassed when you get served by DiscoRobo.