The Dino D-Day Promotion Posters Post the US Up Against Nazi Dinos

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: dinodday & destructoid
Dino D-Day is a game set to come out for PC in April that may be one of the most unconventional World War II games ever to hit the video game platform. In Dino D-Day, you play as the allies against the wretched Nazi forces, however the Nazi's have a secret weapon, they've resurrected dinosaurs from the dead and are using them against you.

Dino D-Day not only sounds crazy, but the thought of playing a soldier fighting giant flesh-eating dinosaurs sure seems super exciting. To help promote this anticipated PC game, the developers created a parody series of 1940s propaganda posters that encourage soldiers to fight against Hitler and his Jurassic reign. Be sure to view the gallery for these hilarious recreations that could of been a possibility if the Nazi's resurrected Dino's from the dead.