Penn State Food Services' 'Dining@PSU' Helps Students Find Out What's on the Menu

 - Dec 5, 2016
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Getting a variety of healthy meals can be tricky as a student, but students at Penn State University can use the Dining@PSU app to make it significantly easier.

For many students, choosing what to eat comes down to the luck of the draw, with their selection pared down to whatever the closest dining hall is serving. Naturally, such a process limits students' access to both healthy food and a variety of meals. The Dining@PSU app harmonizes the entirety of the school's dining services, making it far more convenient for students to eat exactly what they want.

The app lists the complete menus for all of Penn State's dining halls. It includes the current day's menu as well as the planned menus for the coming week. These menus come with easy access to nutritional information as well, letting students plan meals with their smartphones.