Ray Caesar's Digital Paintings Mix Girls with 1940s Fashion

 - Dec 1, 2012
References: coolhunting
Artist Ray Caesar is unveiling his latest digital paintings themed around fantastical women in film noir and cinema.

Caesar’s most recent work features a seductive businesswoman with hair done up like the devil’s horns and her legs crossed, reminiscent of the posture Sharon Stone made famous in her film Basic Instinct. Other pieces include women in sensual poses wearing apparel of bygone eras and young girls in period clothing.

Caesar is well known for his digital paintings of women with exaggerated, sometimes alien-like faces and features. His works are popular collector’s pieces and are inspired by Rococo and Impressionism, and the striking fabric and skin textures in the paintings are done using Maya 3D software where the artist renders texture similar to wrapping a map onto a globe.

Caesar’s digital paintings are featured in a show called 'Miles to go Before I Sleep' in Toronto beginning November 29 at Gallery House. These paintings, along with other new work, will also be on display KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam starting December 15.