Dx3 Canada is Set to be the First Event of its Kind

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: Dx3Canada
For businesses looking to boost their online presence and retailers that are itching to go viral, Dx3 Canada is happy to provide the tools to help business heavyweights make a digital splash.

As the business world continues to transfer its practices onto an ever expanding, online community, the ability to harness the considerable promotional capabilities of the worldwide web is now in high demand. Dx3 Canada is the one and only trade show that focuses solely on digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing.

Dx3 Canada presents an astonishing display of cutting-edge products and services that exemplify Canada’s vibrant online business community. Organized by Hut2Hut Events, Dx3 Canada provides the first ever forum that brings online innovators together "to discuss and do business." Dx3 Canada provides the businesses with the means to grow and bolster their enterprises through digital means.

If you’re looking to understand the cryptic world of online marketing, networking and promotion, be sure to pick up a set of all-access Dx3 Session Passes, which are currently available at http://www.dx3Canada.com for $239. If trend hunting is your game don’t forget to enter "trendhunterdx3" in the discount code box when purchasing your tickets and receive an additional $50 off.

For more info on this unique event and a full listing of sessions and activities, be sure to scope out http://www.Dx3Canada.com.