'Diffusion Choir' Moves Like a Flock of Starlings

 - Oct 31, 2016
References: sosolimited & wired
Diffusion Choir, an installation in the atrium of Biomed Realty's Cambridge, Massachusetts office, takes inspiration from the hypnotic visual effects that accompany giant flocks of starlings. The installation consists of 400 folding paper structures that expand and contract in abstract harmony to create an ever-changing array of fascinating patterns.

Designed by Sosolimited in collaboration with Plebian Design and Hypersonic, Diffusion Choir is as much a technical marvel as it is an artistic one. The origami-esque paper modules fold and contract thanks to a series of interconnected motors. These motors are under the constant supervision of a software program designed specifically for the project. Termed by the design team as a "flocking algorithm," the software opens and closes the papers based on the way that it projects a flock starlings moving in real life.