Robotic Weight Loss Coach

 - Sep 11, 2007
The geniuses at MIT are helping those who have a little trouble shedding pounds. They've come up with a sociable robot dog to help coach you slim. The electronic coach is designed to work as a motivator and personal mirror of your behaviour.

Can't find the motivation to lose those pesky extra pounds? Late night munchies get the best of you? And do you find it hard to get your butt off the couch at the end of a long work day? It sounds like you might need a personal e-coach.

"The user will be able to choose from a set of interactions to perform each day, such as playing fetch with the robot's ball or having it chase its bone. The nature of the interaction itself is not the important part, rather it is how the interaction is carried out that has more meaning in the interchange," MIT's Media Lab explained.

Another robot they've invented to aid in weight loss can be seen on video here.