These outrageous weight loss products claim to make shredding those pounds much easier. Whether any of them actually work is a different story. Weight loss is something that many people struggle with and, in turn, is a topic that many entrepreneurs have focused on.

One way to target weight loss is to focus on hindering the appetite so the person avoids eating lots of food in the first place. Lip gloss that stops one's hunger might do the trick, or vapor-inhalers that taste and smell like delicious desserts. To lose weight by doing as little as possible, one could try the MXP Calorie Sharper Pants which can help one lose weight simply by wearing them. If even that sounds like too much trouble, the Waff seat will help you shred pounds just by having you sit on it.

Some people will do anything to avoid going to the gym, as one can see with these outrageous weight loss products.

From Fat Cutting Underwear to Appetite Hindering Lip Gloss: