The Diet and Die Shirt Lets You Peruse the Dessert Menu Guilt-Free

 - May 13, 2014
References: & shop.nylonmag
The Diet and Die shirt by Pretty Hell Co. suggests that a life without carbohydrates is not a life worth living. Neither is a life without chocolate or candy, for that matter! If you've tried diet pills, juice cleanses and good old-fashioned starvation to no avail, then this diet-renouncing t-shirt is for you.

It's time for you to embrace an indulgent lifestyle; so say goodbye to complicated gluten-free diet plans and macrobiotic regimes. Take the guilt out of your "guilty pleasures" and enjoy yourself with a clear conscience!

The Diet and Die shirt by Pretty Hell Co suggests that you think calorie counting is for suckers. Donning this shirt ensures that you never have to utter the words, "No thanks, I'm on a diet" ever again.