'Dichotomy & Ambiguity' Explores the Tension of Conflicting Forms

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: ziba.me & suckerpunchdaily
When Ziba Esmaeilian describes the themes and principles at play in the design of 'Dichotomy & Ambiguity,' it's difficult to envision an architecture that embodies any harmony at all. Interestingly, despite the contrasting forms at work within this idiosyncratic structure, the skyscraper carries itself with a beautiful balance.

The chaotic "pile" system is met with the predictable monolithic style for a fascinating fusion of geometric masses. They appear to defy the logic of the planned horizontal floor planes. A glance at the cross-sections will show you that such interior spaces function regardless with an intelligent arrangement of open galleries and vertical circulation. 'Dichotomy & Ambiguity' mesmerizes from the outside with its abstract shape and the captivating striation of its cladding.