Business Students Created a Cheap Way to Test for the Preventable Disease

 - Apr 29, 2014
References: media-hult.ef & fastcoexist
As a part of a social enterprise competition, students from Toronto's Schulich School of Business at York University have developed a 2 cent diabetes test. While some might think of diabetes as a disease for rich people, many impoverished urban 'slum dwellers' are at risk for this preventable disease.

Called the Square, this pregnancy test-like urine test is a cheap way to reduce diabetes rates among the urban poor. It works by detecting glucose levels in urine and changing color. The postage stamp sized test also allows those potentially affected to detect diabetes earlier on and make the appropriate lifestyle changes. As it can be printed using a normal printer, the diabetes test is even cheaper to administer.

This concept could easily be expanded to suit not just the urban poor, but slums in developing communities worldwide.