The Deutscher Tierschutz 2011 Ad is Horrifying

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
As much as PETA and other animal rights groups are trying to stop horrendous activities that endanger these helpless creatures, the Deutscher Tierschutz 2011 ad campaign shows these efforts are still falling short. Animals are still being experimented on, mutilated, branded and skinned.

The interesting, cartoonish approach that the Deutscher Tierschutz 2011 ad campaign uses simply highlights how ridiculous these situations are. These situations should not be happening in the current day and age. Addressing such serious matters in a lighthearted manner drives home how simple it can be to help these poor animals.

The Deutscher Tierschutz 2011 ad campaign was conceived and executed by Oldenburg-based ad agency Frese & Wolff, and is a horrific reminder that work still must be done to protect animals from around the world.