'Palmieri Wines' HasCrafted a Luxe Dessert Wine from White Truffles

 - May 27, 2015
References: facebook & indiegogo
Dessert wines are the ultimate form of alcoholic indulgence and now 'Palmieri Wines' has managed to craft the world's first truffle-infused wine. The Slovenian company has worked with highly trained wine experts and world-renowned chefs to create a unique line of dessert wines that includes a luxurious white truffle flavored wine.

Because of the sweet flavor, the wines are meant to be served as an aperitif or as companion to dessert. The three wines featured in the line include the flavors 'Smooth Honey,' 'Vanilla Delight' and 'White Truffle.' Of course, the white truffle flavor is the true standout of the three because the addition of luxe Italian truffles add a unique aromatic flavor to the Refosco dessert wine that has never been done before.

Creating an memorable sensory experience, the luxurious dessert wines are sure to be a treat for any wine lover.