Designer Vampire -– Bloody Good Ideas For New Moon, Robert Pattinson And Werewolf Fans

 - Jun 19, 2009
References: etsy
Robert Pattinson obsession and Twilight mania aren't nearly close to being over yet -- with New Moon (the movie sequel) on the horizon, we're on an uphill vampire werewolf swing again.

As this gallery shows, tons of designers are trying to cash in on the vampire frenzy, kick-started by heart throb Robert Pattinson and the rest of the beautiful young cast.

Whether the designs featured in this gallery were specifically inspired by New Moon, or Twilight, or even TV show True Blood isn't certain, but what we do know is that this designs are sure to be hits with vampire-crazed fans.

These pieces were created by silverlantern, pillboxdesigns, NewFashionedWhispers, amandalouise, HellsElves, idlehandsdesign, billyblue22, pinktophot, skaior and jewelsvine.