Fight Sweat Pits With Chlorophyll

 - Oct 21, 2007
References: guerrillahealthwatch.wordpress
You didn't misread the title -- there really is an ingestible deodorant, and it's actually good for you.

By consuming chlorophyll, your body naturally stops producing offensive odors caused by sweating. Not only will it prevent unsightly sweat pits, but the green flora is packed with nutrients.

If you're plagued by excessive perspiration, you know that regardless of how much you shower, or how many layer of deodorant you slather on, the underarms of your shirt are doomed for puddles. That's because you need to clean your body from the inside out, and that's precisely what drinking liquid chlorophyll will do for you.

Supplement that with a diet rich in dark, colorful fruits and vegetables, and your days dressing to disguise could be over.