The Crash Baggage is a Durable and Practical Way to Travel

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: gearhungry
Those who enjoy traveling know that one of the hassels of flying is worrying about the well-being of your luggage, the possibility of scratches or dents is often stressful and consuming, but these dented suitcases are creatively designed to prevent any worries about possible damages since the dents are there from the start!

While some people may dismiss these baggage pieces for their unattractive appearance, it's actually a super smart way to travel. While dents and scratches usually accumulate over time, these luggage pieces are designed with those bumps and bruises from the start, while still maintaining a sleek and durable structure. Made from 100% sustainable plastic, these crash baggages are full of personality, and each bump and dent only adds to its flair.

These baggages will certainly appeal to travellers looking for a practical and quirky way to travel.