The Balance Suitcase Affords Versatility in Lugging Your Belongings

 - Jan 23, 2013
When you need to get yourself from A to B, luggage is usually quite a burden. This is inconvenient since the farther apart your origin and destination are, the more you'll generally have to take with you. The designer of the Balance suitcase has acknowledged some of the problems associated with standard wheely baggage and strove here to make adaptations to create an accessory rather than an encumbrance.

Studying the most sought-after handbags in fashion at the moment, Mika Becktor settled on a curvy form for the hard-shell carry-on travel bag. It was dressed in a sleek and glossy white finish with neon green stripes as accents. Practically speaking, the Balance suitcase is small and light and its retractable handle and four wheels enable you to drag it in any orientation to work, class or on holiday.