From Vintage Luggage Speakers to Second-Hand Suitcase Seats

 - Aug 27, 2013
If you're looking for ways to make use out of your old or retro suitcases, then these examples of upcycled luggage will offer up some creative techniques on how to transform these suitcases into brand new items.

While ordinarily most people would simply throw out old suitcases and replace them will brand new ones, these upcycled luggage designs are here to showcase that there are a plethora of fun and crafty ways that you can reuse these distinct travelling bags. From luggages humorously transformed into feline loungers to those that have been revamped into vintage speakers and comfy seats, these upcycled luggage designs will definitely make you think twice about throwing these creative suitcases away in the trash.

Perfect for those who hate the thought of throwing useful things away, these upcycled luggage designs will definitely provide some crafty techniques on how to reuse these large items.