Upcycling Jerry Cans for the Stylish Traveler

 - Jan 2, 2010
References: ivorilla & coolbusinessideas
German design firm Ivorilla has turned the humble jerry can into a new traveler’s accessory: gas can luggage. The gas cans are sawed down the center and feature 2 different styles of closure: a standard zipper and clasp lock similar to the classic suitcase, and a flip top version appropriate for documents or other small items besides clothing. It would be great for DJs hauling records or CDs or art students carrying supplies.

The gas can luggage retails for approximately $140 (US) and comes in a variety of colors. Durable and eye-catching, they are sure to get anyone noticed, especially by TSA agents, so you might want to get to the airport extra early to get your fashionable self through security in time to make your flight.