Demon Hill #2 by Julian Hoeber Acts as a Gravitational Anomaly

 - Oct 3, 2012
References: harrislieberman & fastcodesign
Demon Hill #2 is an art installation that plays with people's perception of gravity. Categorized as a mystery spot or gravity hill, which are particularly popular in the United States, it is similar to the common tourist attractions that feed off of people's cathartic feelings of being queasy, scared and disturbed.

In this case, the Demon Hill #2 is a makeshift room paneled entirely in plywood. As soon as a visitor steps into the space, gravity becomes warped and their perception of what is up or down becomes completely negligible. Barely able to squeeze into the Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York City, the Demon Hill #2 has carefully chosen features including a protruding wall, reflecting mirror and wooden chair all designed to discombobulate the participant even more.