The 'Degritter' Removes Micro Particles to Keep Records Playable

 - Apr 26, 2018
References: degritter & newatlas
The 'Degritter' has been created as an appliance for avid audiophiles who are looking for a way to revive their favorite albums and keep their new ones from getting gunky.

The cracks and pops that are often heard on older records is usually caused by debris like dust or mold that can develop over years. This is both troublesome for listening purposes and could damage your equipment, which comes with costly consequences.

The 'Degritter' works by having records placed into position and turned on, which starts the record turning in a shallow bath of purified water that is paired with ultrasonic vibrations. This releases the debris and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals to clean your favorite LPs.

Image Credit: Degritter